Our Mission

<aside> 🔆 Point the way to a free and joyful life using the light of the human mind.


Our Values

Scientific Approach

We entirely rely on reasoning skills to make decisions. We use scientifically proven methods and practices. We don't believe in the unknowable and magical. For us, there is only the unexplored and not yet understood. We make decisions based on the results of scientific experiments and research. We want not only to benefit from the achievements of our predecessors but also to contribute to science.


We value people more than money and status. We want to make people's lives better based on their will, consent, and desire for change. We know that life can be hard. We believe that if we can make it a little easier for others, we've succeeded in achieving our goals.


We are honest with our customers, colleagues, and partners. We are aware of our competence limits and speak openly about them. We value honesty over profit in our dealings. Honesty is the only way to maintain our values on a personal and company level.


Freedom is essential for creativity. We are here to forge new ideas and to bring them to life. It is up to you to decide how you will benefit others in our organization and community. You are free to choose when and how you work. You are free to create the product as you see it. You are free to change reality as much as you like.